Meet Charyl


Hi! I'm Charyl Williams, a Beauty Adornment Guide/Independent Consultant with Paparazzi Accessories, a fashion movement that offers you boldness and beauty through stylish jewelry to sweeten your style on Zoom or in any room. 

As a little girl, I realized early on that I had a passion and natural talent for beautifying others. I remember watching my mom braid and style hair, and by the time I was nine years old, I was braiding, styling and accessorizing my own hair. 

This passion for helping others feel beautiful led to my attending cosmetology school one year after graduating college. During college and cosmetology school, I worked retail, actually specializing in accessories. 

I enjoyed my cosmetology career for six years, until something unexpected happened. 

After years of using certain products, I developed a chemical allergy that limits what services I can offer. I didn't want to give up my passion for helping others feel beautiful, so while mourning the loss of my career, I also had to make a decision.

That’s when I saw a video on Facebook that changed everything. 

A friend of mine was on a live video sharing the joy of Paparazzi Accessories, and I fell in love with the products. The quality of the jewelry and accessories were incredible, and the best part? They are affordable.

By joining Paparazzi Accessories, and continuing my passion, I now help many wo(men) sweeten their style and feel beautiful for as little as a cup of coffee!

Let's stay connected! 

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If you have a passion for beauty and empowering others, start your own business and partner with me: | Text (850) 404-9594 if you have any questions.